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Usage of Wireless Network in World Wide Technologies

A wireless network means a network which connected with two terminals (Laptop, wifi ect) can communicate without any wired connection

With the wireless connection the user will move one place to another place without any interrupt in the network issues.  In Mobility already we are using this wireless technology after that wireless network using for lot electronic gadgets.

Wireless networks are based on a link using radio waves (radio and infrared) in place of the usual cables. There are several technologies distinguished on the one hand by the frequency of emission used as well as the flow and the range of the transmissions.

Wireless networks make it possible to easily connect equipment from a distance of ten meters to a few kilometers. Moreover the installation of such networks does not require heavy modifications of the existing infrastructures as it is the case with the wired networks (digging of trenches to convey the cables, equipment’s of buildings in wiring, chutes and connectors), which has a rapid development of this type of technology.

On the other hand, there is the problem of regulations concerning radio transmissions. Indeed, radio transmissions are used for a large number of applications , but are sens

itive to interference, which is why regulation is necessary in each country in order to define the frequency ranges and powers that can be emitted for each category of use.

Moreover, the airwaves are difficult to confine in a restricted geographical area, so it is easy for a hacker to listen to the network if the information circulates in clear (this is the case by default). It is therefore necessary to put in place the necessary arrangements in such a way as to ensure the confidentiality of data circulating over wireless networks.